Kozak’s Classic Cinema is devoted to the exploration of American and international film from the period of the earliest silent movies to 1950.  The author’s intention is to showcase both films of great renown and critical acclaim as well as some movies that are often overlooked or are harder to find.  Her hope is to inspire readers either to connect with some of these films for the first time or to revisit old favorites, and to cultivate and encourage the love of early cinema.

Erin Elisavet Kozak is an editorial assistant in San Francisco, CA.  She has loved movies ever since she was a little girl and in particular has fond memories of watching classic movies with her father growing up.  His penchant for 1950s monster movies probably contributed to her interest in black-and-white cinema, although she is particularly attracted to movies from the period prior to 1950.  Her passion for film rapidly developed during her early years as an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley, during the heyday of the U.C. Theater (now closed) on University Avenue in Berkeley, which was devoted to running classic films from around the world.